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Door Painting Brace System

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The Erecta-Rack Door Painting Brace System is an accessory to our drying kits and a stand alone system!

This Brace System comes with 40 tough and durable engineered, plastic posts and 10 powder-coated steel harnesses.  Just screw the posts into the top and bottom of each full-sized door and you have the perfect solution for drying your doors and minimizing space! Screws are not included .. see additional info below.

This Door Painting Brace System can be used in two ways:


  • The inverted piece on the post fits perfectly on our Erecta-Rack powder-coated bars.  This enables painting both sides of the door and horizontal drying without the door ever touching the bars.
  • You can paint and dry ten doors at once using our 10 Level Erecta-Rack Drying Rack Kit!
  • The perfect companion for your Erecta-Rack 10 Level Kit!


    2.)  GO VERTICAL:

    • Endless Configurations are available by using this system vertically!
    • 10 Powder Coated 15 GA Steel Harnesses are included providing a locking "hinge system" for standing up your doors.
    • This system can be used to spray and dry your doors all in one set-up saving you time and space!


      Additional Information:

      • The Posts in this system are designed for #8 or #9 Flat Head Screws which are NOT INCLUDED.
      • We recommend high quality self-tapping screws (2 inch works best) such as GGRK #9 R4 Multi-Purpose Fastners or SPAX #8 T-Star Plus Flat Head Multi-Purpose Fastners. (screws of this quality can be reused many times)
      • Do Not use Pan Head style screws.
      • Do Not use DRY-WALL screws.

      Erecta-Rack Kits and bars are all sold separately.

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