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1. What is the maximum number of levels that can be stacked?

The maximum number of levels that can safely be stacked is 10. However, for lightweight stock, 15 levels can be stacked with caution. The stabilizer bars and stabilizer struts must always be used to ensure maximum stability.

2. What is the maximum weight capacity of the Erecta-Rack™ system?

The Erecta-Rack system has been designed to hold a maximum of 500 pounds (based on a 2 support column, 10 level configuration).

3. How many stabilizer struts come with the Erecta-Rack™ system?

4 Stabilizer Struts are included with every Erecta-Rack™ system.  There are 2 Left Hand and 2 Right Hand Struts.  The struts get put on the rack one the 7th level is complete.  These struts provide added bracing and stabilizing for the unit.

4. Are the stabilizer struts the same as the cross bars?

No, the stabilizer struts are the angled bars that provide stabilization as described in Question 3.  The Stabilizer Bars are the 40" bars that come in the kit with one black support block attached.  These bars provide the foundation for the kit.  These 40" bars are identical to the 40" cross bars used to build up each level and can be used interchangeably.

5. How tall is a 5-Level Erecta-Rack™ system? A 10-Level system? 

A 5-Level Erecta-Rack™ system is approximately 18.5 inches tall, 10-Levels is approximately 36 inches tall and 15-Levels is approximately 53.5 inches tall.

6. How long are the cross bars?

The cross bars are 40 inches long so after assembly into the support blocks, the supporting width is approximately 36 inches.

7. What is the vertical distance between levels?

There is approximately 2.75 inches of vertical distance between levels.

8. What is the longest stock length that can be supported?

There is virtually no limit on the length of stock that can be supported. Because the Erecta-Rack™ system is modular, it can be set up in many different ways. To support long stock, three or more supports can be set up along the length of the stock.

9. Is the Erecta-Rack™ system portable?

Yes, the Erecta-Rack™ system is extremely portable. It can be quickly and easily broken down and transported in the custom carry bag, which is no larger than a golf club bag. Weighing in at only 38 lbs for a 10-Level system, it can easily be transported from job site to job site or simply hung on the wall when not in use.

10. How many lineal feet of trim can be held with a 10-Level system? A 10-Level + 5-Level?

The term "lineal feet" is simply the total length of stock. It is independent of the width or thickness of the stock. Therefore, the narrower the stock, the more lineal feet of stock that can be held.The charts below show the approximate capacity of a 10-Level and a 10-Level system + 5 level system based on various length and widths.

11.  What should be used to clean the PRO-Series powder coated cross bars? 

Soapy water or standard household cleaners are recommended.

12. Are the PRO-Series components compatible with the original Erecta-Rack components? 

Yes, all PRO-Series components are backwards compatible with the original Erecta-Rack.

13. Will the wide 60” crossbars fit into the carry bag? 

No, only the 40” crossbars fit into the custom carry bag. The 60” crossbars will not fit.

14. What is the maximum weight capacity of the wide crossbar upgrade kit?

The 60” wide cross bars have been designed to hold a maximum of 250 pounds (25 lbs. per level based on a 2 support column, 10-level configuration).